Below you'll see what we expect to include in every update. Everything you see is subject to change.
All dates are estimates. Content of each release might change over time.

New suggestions can be submitted and voted for on the Big Ambitions forum (only available for silveer and gold supporters).


Beta 7 Estimated November 2022

  • New furniture: Luxurious speaker
  • New furniture: Luxurious TV
  • New furniture: Gaming PC
  • Play videogames feature
  • Improved characters and clothing
  • Improved customer AI
  • Customizable customer queues
  • Investment funds
  • Improved pedestrian AI
  • Controller Mode and improved character controls
  • Steam Deck support
  • Garment District: More F1 apartments
  • Sleep quality (based on environment)
  • Adding more boats and yachts to the marina
  • Super luxurious residential apartment
  • New vehicle: Mercedes AMG GT inspired
  • Limited energy boost from caffeine consumables
  • Volume slider for car radio

Beta 8 Estimated December 2022

  • Customizing employee uniforms
  • Custom key bindings
  • Customizable furniture color
  • Purchasable boats & yachts (not sailable)
  • Watch TV feature
  • Added prices/cost to interior designer
  • Click pointers for Uncle Fred objectives
  • New Uncle Fred objectives
  • Performance improved city map

Beta 9 Estimated January 2023

  • New Uncle Fred objectives
  • Car garages for high-end apartments and offices
  • EconoView: Full table-view of transactions
  • Customer demands
  • End game: Doctor's appointment
  • Electric scooters
  • Video trailer for Early Access release

Early Access 0.1 Estimated February 2023

  • Performance improvements
  • Smaller quality of life improvements
  • Final testing/preparations
  • Steam Early Access release 🥳

Early Access 0.2 Estimated March 2023

  • Fitness/Gym for happiness boost
  • Improved market events
  • Revised Customer satisfaction calculations
  • Revised marketing/ads flow
  • Random traffic accidents/emergency scenes

Early Access 0.3 Estimated April 2023

  • New business type: Nightclubs
  • Random pedestrian/citizen events in the streets
  • Company logos/stickers on vehicles
  • Rival organizations/companies

Post-release (budget depending)

  • New city: Paris
  • New city: London
  • Online co-op multiplayer
  • Production Factories
  • Console ports (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch)
  • Modding: Support for adding vehicles
  • Modding: Support for adding competitor businesses
  • Modding: Support for adding furniture/appliances
  • Modding: Support for adding products
  • Modding: Support for adding business types
  • Adding more player jobs (Delivery driver)


Beta 6 September 2022

  • New vehicle: Ambulance
  • New vehicle: Police car
  • Introduce difficulty levels: Impacting competitiveness, tax rates, etc.
  • Custom Game Mode: Adjustable unlocks, progress, starting money, etc.
  • Allow skipping tutorial/Uncle Fred
  • HR Manager (HQ): Allow auto-hiring, temp employees, salary negotiation etc.
  • Bizman Schedule: Auto-fill feature
  • Major performance optimization
  • Revised Uncle Fred dialogs + voice acting
  • Adding radio/music to stores and businesses
  • Support for imperial units and 12-hour time
  • New app: Notifications - listing all earlier notifications
  • New vehicle: Rolls Royce Phantom inspired
  • Adding flatbed to IKA Bohag to transport up to 8 boxes

Beta 5 August 2022

  • Furniture/appliance delivery service
  • New vehicle: Mustang 67 inspired
  • New vehicle: Ford F-150 inspired
  • Revised loan system
  • Improve pedestrian AI
  • New special: Casino
  • Introduce parking zones
  • Adding physical employee demands
  • Improve vehicle handling/controls
  • Introduce employee aging and retirement
  • Allowing collapsing UI overlays
  • Additional 20 new tracks to radio
  • Support for UI scaling (%)
  • Optimized UI for long words/sentences (localization)

Beta 4 August 2022

  • Improved UI: Bizman business list
  • Improved UI: Start new business
  • Added Gas stations
  • Implement vehicle fuel system
  • Implement vehicle conditions
  • New special service: Car workshop
  • Real estate investment: Allow buying buildings and earn rent
  • Completion of Murray Hill neighborhood
  • City Hospital + exhaustion/death
  • Added happiness variable to player
  • New business types: Florist
  • Tax System & IRS Government Building
  • New vehicle: BMW 3-series stationwagon inspired
  • Balanced employee salaries + job demands

Beta 3 June 2022

  • Add localization/translation support
  • In-game radio stations/music
  • More sounds + improved ambience sounds
  • Demo version
  • Neighborhood filter to citymap
  • City taxis for quick transportation
  • More subway stations
  • Improved lighting and time of day feeling
  • Real character portrait in topbar
  • Buildings decorations (scaffolding + roof details)
  • Improved notifications (more types + timestamp)

Beta 2 April 2022

  • Completion of Midtown neighborhood
  • Improve BizMan Schedule UI
  • Improve Customer Capacity UI
  • Revised cleaning schedule
  • Support for selling furniture, products and vehicles
  • Redesigned item overlays
  • Vehicle Auto-Park feature
  • Building previews + More info in Bizman Presentation
  • New market demand system
  • Large retail building layout
  • Redesigned main menu
  • Auto-save/recovery-save functionality
  • New business type: Web Development Agency
  • Improve functionality and performance of UI tables

Beta 1 March 2022

  • New Car Controller with engine sounds
  • New interior floor and wall types
  • Allow modifying color of interior designer materials
  • Persona App: Player achievements and goals
  • Buy competitor businesses for sale
  • Large-sized residential apartment

Alpha 10 February 2022

  • Introducing Headquarters
  • Logistics Manager (HQ): Allow setting up automated delivery of products
  • Purchasing Agent (HQ): Allow importing products from the harbor
  • New building type: Warehouses
  • New employee type: Truck Driver (Delivery)
  • Help System: In-game documentation
  • Business Logo editor: Choose upload art. Change color

Alpha 9 January 2022

  • New app: Contacts - Allow phone calls to businesses
  • New building type: Office
  • New business type: Law Firm
  • Delivery contracts: Automated wholesale deliveries
  • New vehicle: Porsche 911 inspired
  • Automated cleaning through cleaning employee type
  • New employee type: Lawyers

Alpha 8 December 2021

  • Completion of Hell's Kitchen neighborhood
  • Character customization (new game: gender, skin color, age)
  • New special building: Advertising Agency
  • New traffic system
  • Improve vehicle controller/mechanics
  • Customer Capacity and Popularity (Marketing)

Alpha 7 October 2021

  • New business type: Coffee Shop (coffee, croissants, etc)
  • New business type: Liquor Store (cigars, wine, etc.)
  • Customize floor and walls
  • Introduce employees calling in sick
  • Introduce employee demands
  • Building sign editor: Choose font, sign type and colors
  • New vehicle: Freightliner M2-inspired truck

Alpha 6 August 2021

  • Sleeping benches: Quickly have a nap around the city
  • New items to existing businesses; Expensive Gifts (Gift shop), Hotdog + Grill, Burger + Station, Pizza + Oven
  • Medium-sized residential apartment
  • New business type: Jewelry Store
  • Large furniture store
  • New items: King-size bed, rounded shelf, floor lamp, potted plant, modular kitchen pieces
  • Introducing subway system

Alpha 5 July 2021

  • Completion of Garment District neighborhood
  • Night scene completed (street lights + light on vehicles)
  • 2 new vehicles (Nissan Rogue + Mercedes S Class inspired)
  • Added female characters
  • 2 new clothing variants for pedestrians
  • Improved camera controls
  • Customer insight
  • EconoView business-specific view
  • Employee improvements; Adapt to hiring variables. Add training functionality