Below you'll see what we expect to include in every future alpha and beta release. Everything you see is subject to change.
All dates are estimates. Content of each release might change over time.

New suggestions can be submitted and voted for on the community platform (only available for gold supporters).

Alpha 5 Estimated July 2021

  • Completion of Garment District neighborhood
  • Night scene completed (street lights + light on vehicles)
  • 2 new vehicles (Nissan Rogue + Mercedes S Class inspired)
  • Added female characters
  • 2 new clothing variants for pedestrians
  • Improved camera controls
  • Customer insight
  • EconoView business-specific view
  • Employee improvements; Adapt to hiring variables. Add training functionality

Alpha 6 Estimated August 2021

  • New items to existing businesses; Expensive Gifts (Gift shop), Hotdog + Grill, Burger + Station, Pizza + Oven
  • Medium-sized residential apartment
  • Business Logo editor: Choose art, color and font

Alpha 7 Estimated September 2021

  • New business type: Coffee Shop (coffee, croissants, etc)
  • New business type: Jewelry Store
  • Customize floor and walls
  • Introduce employees calling in sick + temp employees
  • Introduce employee demands

Alpha 8 Estimated October 2021

  • New special building: Furniture Store
  • New building type: Office
  • New business type: Advertising Agency
  • Introduce free parking, parking prices, and parking tickets

Alpha 9 Estimated October 2021

  • Introducing Headquarters
  • Logistics Manager (HQ): Allow setting up automated delivery of goods
  • Completion of Hell's Kitchen neighborhood

Alpha 10 Estimated November 2021

  • New vehicle: Freightliner M2 (medium-duty truck)
  • New business type: Gas Station
  • Implement vehicle fuel system
  • Improve vehicle controller/mechanics

Beta 1 Estimated December 2021

  • HR Manager (HQ): Allow auto-hiring, temp employees, salary negotiation etc.
  • Real estate investment: Allow buying buildings and earn rent
  • Large-sized residential apartment
  • Completion of Midtown neighborhood

Beta 2 Estimated January 2022

  • Added sound effects
  • Moving building scene into city scene (if possible)
  • Introducing subway system

Beta 3 Estimated February 2022

  • New business type: Gym
  • Added health & happiness variable to player
  • New business type: Car Repair Shop
  • Implement vehicle conditions

Beta 4 Estimated March 2022

  • New vehicle: BMW 5-series inspired
  • New vehicle: Chevrolet Suburban inspired
  • New vehicle: Toyota Prius inspired
  • Introducing player goals

Beta 5 Estimated April 2022

  • New vehicle: Porsche 911 inspired
  • Luxurious residential apartment
  • Introducing aging and death

Beta 6 Estimated May 2022

  • Large luxurious residential apartment
  • New vehicle: Rolls Royce Phantom inspired