Devlog #32 04 Feb 2022

Hi friends,

We’re back with a first insight into the development of alpha 10, which will bring lots of new features.

Before we go into details, let’s take a look at the updated Steam wishlist: 32,324!

Peek through the trees 🌳

Walking through our beautiful Madison Square Park can be difficult due to trees hiding the player.

Jonas#2 and Ilie created a nice cutout feature to remove the leaves while walking under the trees. It’s limited to the park and won’t be active for single trees on the streets.

Revised Delivery Contracts 📝

Alpha 9 brought the first version of delivery contracts, which were slightly impractical. You couldn’t see them in the BizMan but only through the Contacts app (and only during business hours of the wholesales store).

Thanks to Jonas#1 and David#NaN, the next big update will bring a completely revised version. Once in contact with your favorite wholesales store, you can set up the contract easily inside the BizMan app. Multiple contracts with several wholesalers will be shown here as well. That’s easier than pizza delivery!


Big boys need big cars 🚚

A while ago, we introduced medium-sized trucks - now it’s your turn to get hold of them!

Jonas#1 just opened the doors of our truck dealership, awaiting you with shiny new vans and trucks. Don’t ask me how they got those trucks into the building…

Of course, you will be able to drive the trucks yourself. We won’t even ask for a driver’s license. Jonas#2 made sure steering them won’t be too much of a hassle, although New York’s streets for sure are far from perfect for large vehicles.


Warehouses - a forklift driver’s playground 📦

Your newly bought trucks are awaited by the warehouses! Created collectively by Jonas#1, Jonas#2, David#NaN, and Daniel#1 from our 3D team, they’re your new logistics hub.

Deliveries will arrive at the warehouse and are subsequently distributed to all your shops by your own trucks. Jonas#2 added pallets and a pallet shelf, relieving you of handling single boxes. Each pallet can hold up to six boxes of mixed content.



Import cheap stuff from overseas 🚢

Having contracts is nice, but aren’t those wholesales stores way too expensive? If you ever bought souvenirs from a gift shop, you might have noticed that most of them are made overseas with much lower production costs.

For this purpose, Jonas#1 introduced the Harbor Import businesses. You can’t buy products right away but instead only sign delivery contracts. Those contracts have to be handled by a purchasing agent (more about them in the next section) and come with a minimum weekly purchase requirement. If you order less than required, you’ll still have to pay the whole amount. In return, their low prices promise huge profits.

Just head to the harbor area and check it out once alpha 10 has arrived!



So many new tasks… I need help! 🏢

With all the new features, days might become too short for taking care of your growing company. Let’s set up a headquarter!

Located in any office building of your choice, the headquarter will be the center of your power. You’ll be able to hire logistics managers and purchasing agents, with more to come later. Jonas#1 and David#NaN have spent much effort to add this automation.


Logistics managers are assigned to warehouses and take care of product distribution to your businesses. No more empty shelves! For this purpose, every logistics manager will need a van or truck at hand to do the deliveries.


Purchasing agents handle the contracts with harbor import businesses to assure that products arrive at your warehouses. You can select which products to import. Additionally, they’ll tell you the required weekly purchase and when the next delivery is expected to arrive.


Next stop: Floor 7 1/2! 🛗

Last but not least, Jonas#1 and David#NaN added elevators. Let’s move up and down - but please don’t press all buttons at once!

Closed issues since the last devlog 🐛

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That’s all for today. We’ll be back soon with further updates.

All the best,
Jonas#1 & Daniel#2

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