Devlog #31 14 Jan 2022

Hi friends,

We’re back with the first devlog in 2022 and some good progress, hoping to release alpha 9 for our gold supporters next week.

Before we go into details, let’s take a look at the updated Steam wishlist: 30,671!

Plan your business hours 🕗

Based on user feedback, David#NaN and Jonas#1 have spent lots of time finishing a new UI for the business schedule.

Before, it was split into two screens: One for adjusting the business hours, and another one for setting up the employee shifts. Now it’s all in one screen where you can easily set the business hours, add or remove work shifts and assign employees.

New business type: Office 💼

Many of our gold supporters asked for office businesses - and finally, we’ve got there! Jonas#1 implemented the new building type for office space and everything required to use it.

Mr. Scott will be happy to provide you with everything needed to furnish your business. He opened up his office supply store next to the existing furniture store.

The first office business available to set up is a law firm, employing lawyers. We all know that making big money starts with a good lawyer suing all competitors out of business!


Let me guide you anywhere! 📍

Jonas#2, assisted by Jonas#1, has implemented a new POI system. Finding your way should be more convenient now with those nice-looking icons. On Voogle Maps you’ll additionally see a marker indicating your current position.

Rotate the camera as you please 🔄

One of the most frequent complaints was the camera rotation, which felt inverted to many players. Jonas#2 added a setting allowing you to choose your preferred style.

TMI! 🏷️

Currently, name labels are shown for every single item. This can look pretty chaotic at times, particularly when they overlap. Most of the information won’t be needed anyways - I’m sure you recognize a mop even without a label.

In alpha 9, labels will only be displayed for relevant items - those containing additional information or buttons. Just in case you need all of them, you can still activate them temporarily by pressing <Alt>.

Are we in London, or where does all this fog come from? 🌫️

We didn’t like the “world border” just showing an empty area, completely ruining the immersion in the game. That’s why Jonas#2, assisted by 3d artist Paul, added buildings, roads, and the famous “fog of war”. The city now seems to continue, simply keeping you back by roadblocks. No big city without road construction!

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go… 📦

Now you can pack just everything! Eager to move into a new, bigger, more luxurious apartment? Stuff your bed, fridge, and everything else into a box - and off you go! Besides, to make life easier for newbies, boxes placed on the floor can be picked up through left-click as well. Of course, right-click still works just as well but didn’t seem to be very intuitive for new players.

Closed issues since the last devlog 🐛

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That’s all for today. We’ll be back soon with further updates.

All the best,
Jonas#1 & Daniel#2

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