Devlog #30 23 Dec 2021

Hi friends,

After a few pretty busy weeks of development, we’re back with our last devlog for this year.

Before we go into details, let’s take a look at the updated Steam wishlist: 28,369!

Traffic system improvements 🚦

In our last devlog, we’ve already introduced the new traffic system. Jonas#2 has added sounds for the cars. You can now hear engine sounds, and vehicles will honk whenever you run in front of them. Maybe it’s time to start using the sidewalk and leave the streets to those having wheels.

Additionally, car lights have been replaced by light cookies. This sounds more delicious than it actually is, but you will enjoy the new appearance. The single light block in front of cars has been replaced by two separate lights, giving it a more realistic look.

Cram hand trucks into cars 🚙

Sometimes it can be annoying arriving at your shiny new apartment with lots of luxury furniture but having to move every item separately. Instead, it’s now possible to cram hand trucks into the car and take it out again on arrival. Just make sure you don’t ruin your car’s paint!

Sports car for the wroooooooom moments 🏎️

Another new car has been added, and this time it’s a special one: The Porsche 911 inspired sports car! It won’t be of much use for transporting goods, but it has speeeeeeeeeeed…


Take a closer look! 🔍

Often requested, it’s finally possible to zoom in and out while walking on the streets. Zoom is limited, however, because textures wouldn’t look very nice anymore when zooming in too much.

Are we sold out again? 🤑

Recently we introduced a change to shopping baskets, showing the number of goods inside. Jonas#2 has now extended this to all kinds of shelves. You can watch them becoming empty while customers buy your fancy overpriced gifts or cheap cigars.

Storage space 📦

Metal shelves are no longer used for cheap gifts but for storing boxes instead. They can hold up to 16 of them and keep your store’s floor tidy. Your employees will automatically restock empty product shelves by using these boxes.

This also simplifies gift shops as all kinds of gifts now require the same rounded shelf.

Delivery contracts 🚚

Tired of driving around the city every day just to fill up all your stores’ storage? This is where delivery contracts come in handy! Your favorite wholesale store will be happy regularly sending deliveries to any of your stores. A service provided by David#NaN!


Save your good contacts 📱

Ever wondered why you need to visit the bank every time for another loan? Prefer just calling your friendly banker instead? The new Contacts app will introduce this option.

Once you’ve been to any service business like the bank or recruitment agency, their contact will show in the app. Now they’re just one call away at any time - limited to their business hours, of course. This is a massive time saver!


Where do all these people come from? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Until now, shops have always been empty when entering them and customers just started to come in. David#NaN thankfully ensured customers are in the store right away, creating a busy atmosphere.

Away with all this dirt! 🧼

One of the most asked questions by our gold supporters was about cleaning staff. Finally, Jonas#2 has finished its implementation. Employees hired for cleaning can be assigned to a shift making sure your store will always look better than the dirty, run-down burger site next door!


Screenshot mode for your Instambitions 🤳

Taking a good photo isn’t an easy task, and sometimes a top-down selfie just isn’t enough. That’s why David#NaN added shortcuts for hiding the UI (F1) and toggling a free camera to move it away from your person (F2). Screenshots can then easily be saved to Windows’ default pictures folder by pressing the print key on your keyboard.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Closed issues since the last devlog 🐛

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That’s all for today. We’ll be back in 2022 with further updates. We wish all of our friends happy holidays and a great new year! 🎄 🎆

All the best,
Jonas#1 & Daniel#2

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