Devlog #27 08 Oct 2021

Hi friends,

We’re just in the final stages of finishing Alpha 7 after massive changes have been carried out during the last two weeks. Before we get into details, let’s take a look at the updated Steam wishlist: 22,710!

Performance boost 🚀

The last updates have seen many complaints about multi-second delays when entering or leaving buildings. This happened due to the next scene being loaded.

Jonas#2 has taken care of this and just finished a massive code refactoring. The benefit is enormous, minimizing the loading time for the game and leaving no noticeable delay anymore when changing between outdoor and indoor scenes.

We’re now in the final stages and hopefully can release Alpha 7 early next week.

Did anybody say Mac? 🖥️

Great news for some of our gold supporters using a Mac: You can finally start playing Big Ambitions without the need for Windows emulation! Alpha 7 will be shipped for Mac as well.

For now, it will be only this single build and further minor updates will be Windows-only again but Jonas#1 is already working on full Mac support throughout all future versions.

Optimize your shop fittings 📐

Item placement has been another issue we got lots of feedback about. The placement rectangles often didn’t match the actual item dimensions. For example, fridges could only be placed with some gap to the walls and didn’t look very nice this way.

Jonas#2 fixed this by reducing the placement rectangles to fit the dimensions of all items. Additionally, he also added the alternative option of gridless placement. Pressing left ALT allows placing items pixel-perfect wherever you like them to be.

Compete with big players 📊

With Alpha 7, corporations are introduced to Big Ambitions. Every generated shop is now owned by one of the corporations. The new market insider app will show a list of all existing corporations and give you an insight into your company value compared to the other big players.

Additionally, generated businesses will regularly open or close and bring some dynamics into the game. The news section of the market insider app will inform you about updates. Don’t forget to check it out from time to time and grab lucrative buildings once they become available.


Second appliance store for double the shopping fun 🏬

We just realized we never told you about the addition of a second appliance store with the release of Alpha 6. Sorry for that!

It was added with the need for more appliances when adding expensive gifts and the fast-food restaurant with all its modular items. Players thus need to check out both shops when equipping their business.

Sky’s the limit at Hell’s Kitchen! 🏗️

Our 3D geniuses Daniel#1 and Paul#1 have finished more of the impressive iconic buildings compiling Hell’s Kitchen, the upcoming new neighborhood. We all love them!

Screenshot Screenshot

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That’s all for today. We’ll be back in 2 weeks with further updates.

All the best,
Jonas#1 & Daniel#2

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