Devlog #25 10 Sep 2021

Hi friends,

today we’ll talk about the first feedback for Alpha 6 and the already started development of Alpha 7. But at first, let’s start with the Steam wishlist: 21,131!

This number just brought us to rank #493 on the Steam Wishlist charts, finally making it into the top 500! 🎉

One Jonas isn’t enough for this world 👋

While Jonas went on a short vacation trip right after releasing Alpha 6 for our gold supporters, development luckily didn’t come to a halt. This was due to our newest team member Jonas#2, also known as jokoho482 who’s an absolute Unity expert. With his expertise, he is a great help for the development of Big Ambitions! Besides, he keeps fixing bugs faster than they get reported. Please give him a warm welcome! 🙋‍♂️

The addition to the team also means the guy formerly known as Jonas will from now on be called Jonas#1 and reduced to just another number in the system.

Alpha 6 update 📨

Alpha 6 was released last minute just before the start of Jonas#1’s vacation trip, with lots of last-minute issues still being fixed.

Luckily, the version has proved to be very stable. We had quite some minor issues coming up but no game-breaking bugs. Most feedback we got about added functionality, especially questions about the new fast food restaurant items and the furniture store were pretty common.

Talking about the furniture store, the next update will bring potted plants and finally the king-sized bed will also get fixed to allow placing it in the apartment.


You borrow it, you have to pay it back

Gone are the times of free loans: The bank got a new computer system and discovered all the money they lent you without requiring any payback. They’ll now expect daily payments and even charge interest. Those greedy bankers!


Rotate in Voogle Maps 🗺️

Jonas#2 got his hands on Voogle Maps and added the possibility to rotate it - now you can turn the map in any direction you want while navigating your way through New York!

Keep your things close

A well-known issue finally gets worked on: Carrying items like boxes, paper bags or a mop didn’t look very nice because the player animation was pretty limited and the items even showed a gap to the player’s hands.

We’re happy to see Jonas#2 taking care of this problem, already showing great results.

Treat your employees well, or else… 🙋

Jonas#1 is currently busy implementing the employee satisfaction functionality planned for Alpha 7.

Instead of “Satisfaction”, the employee details will show “Exhaustion”. This comes with a new “Wants & Demands” section in the employee info where your cost factors valued staff might ask for free weekends, a coffee machine at work, retirement funds and more.

All these will slow down exhaustion while working, positively affect employee skills and ultimately raise customer satisfaction.


Let the fuel flow ⛽

In the future, your vehicles will consume gas and need to be refilled at a gas station. Don’t let your car run out of gas or else you might have to endure the shame of being towed to the nearest gas station and even pay for it!

The first gas station will be located in the upcoming new neighborhood “Hell’s Kitchen”.

Take a look at the 3D model Paul#1 just finished:


Ship it big time 🚚

The medium-sized truck will become a very important vehicle for your business logistics. Once it’s finished, you will be able to buy items in bulk from wholesale stores and store them in your own warehouses for distribution. Let’s thank Daniel#1 for this beautiful truck!


3D guys doing 3D stuff 🎨

Our 3D artists are already working on some coffee shop appliances as well as pastries - and this does not refer to their morning break. Stay tuned for more updates in the next devlog!

Screenshot Screenshot

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Development is continuing full speed now and we’ll be back in 2 weeks with further updates.

All the best,
Jonas#1 & Daniel#2

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