Devlog #24 27 Aug 2021

Hi friends,

two very busy weeks working on a timely release of alpha 6 are just behind us. In the meantime, we’re happy to reach a new milestone on the Steam wishlist, getting above 20,000: 20,273!

Wooden benches for a good rest 🥱

Who wouldn’t enjoy a little nap every now and then? Now you can!

The first benches have been placed in the city allowing you to skip the time while waiting for businesses or the school to open.



Medium-sized apartments for rent 🏠

While benches are perfect for a short rest, your nights will get even more comfortable with the medium-sized apartment. Four rooms are just right for the rising tycoon you are!

The apartments will come unfurnished, allowing you to bring in your favorite items.

The subway goes into service 🚇

If you don’t mind spending $3 on public transport, you will now be able to travel through the city much faster than ever before. Just take the subway and choose your destination!

Bling-bling! Let’s sell expensive jewelry! 💎

The jewelry store adds to the list of available shop types. Make a fortune selling cheap or expensive jewelry to the solvent customer!


New map filter layout 🗺️

With more and more options being added to the city map, it was time for a general update of the filters.

You can now scroll through a list of all the building types - key institutions like the wholesales market, available commercial and residential buildings as well as normal businesses.

Besides, icons for your own apartments and businesses will be shown on the map as well as when walking through the city. You will never have to endure the embarrassment of missing your own apartment’s entrance again!


It’s a colorful world 🤵🏿🤵🏻🤵🏽

Alpha 6 also brings different skin colors. For now, colors are randomly generated and the player will change colors every now and then when entering or exiting a building.

Later on, a character designer will allow you to choose your very personal appearance.


What’s happening in the background? ⚙️

Jonas keeps himself busy implementing the cleaning employees to finally relieve you from using the mop yourself. Besides, he tries to fix the most important upcoming bugs before our gold supporters get to test the new version. Once that’s finished, the business logo designer will be the top priority for alpha 7.

On Monday Daniel #1 will start working on the Freightliner M2, a medium-duty truck for your bigger shopping needs.

Paul #1 keeps himself busy with the first gas station which will be located in the upcoming new neighborhood Hell’s Kitchen.

Yet unnumbered Robin hopes to soon finalize the city map UI, especially focussing on filters and icons.

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With the last tests still ongoing, we hope for a release of alpha 6 early next week. In 2 weeks we’ll be back with another devlog and the first feedback of the feature updates.

All the best,
Jonas & Daniel

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