Devlog #21 16 Jul 2021

Hi friends,

As a new tradition, let’s start with a status of our wishlists: 17,562!

The last couple of weeks has been both good and bad. I’ve been struggling a little bit with productivity for various reasons. At the moment, I try to finish as many save game-breaking rewrites as possible before the alpha is out. The good part is that I can finally set a release date for the alpha release (gold supporters): Friday, July 30th 19:00 CEST. I know, we’re pushing the “release in July” statement, but as always, a few new features ended up taking much more time to implement.

Updated notifications 🔔

The notification system was until now a combination of various temporary boxes. We have now implemented a more generic system that’s being used both for fullscreen apps and in-world.

First exclusive vehicle: The S Class 🚘

Oh boy, this is a big one! The S Class is finally here. It’s our first exclusive vehicle in the game. Much faster, cooler and pricier. The vehicle is only available to Silver and Gold supporters.

We hope you like it!

Screenshot Screenshot

The harbor area is done 🚢

After months of hard work, the team finalized the harbor area this week. It’s the last part of the neighborhood we call “Garment District”. This is a big milestone, as we’ll now take a break from working on buildings and instead start adding more content like business types, furniture, vehicles, etc.

Make sure to check out the roadmap to see exactly what’s coming.

New signs and work on the night scene 🌃

Daniel has been busy creating new building signs. Once we’re all done, you’ll be able to design everything from font type, letter color, and the color of the bulbs and neon.

At the same time, we also started working on the lighting for the nighttime version of the city. It will be one of those things we continue to improve on until release, but below you can get a hint of the vibe we’re targeting.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Female character ♀️

So it finally happened. The female character has been added to the game. Next week we’re gonna add more clothing options. After that, it’s time to work on skin colors.


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