Beta 3 Release 10 Jun 2022

Beta 3 Release

Steam Next Fest is almost there, and we’ve focused the development towards polishing the game, doing some heavy bug fixing and preparing the demo (which will be available to everyone on June 13th!).

Alright, let’s go!

Localization/translation support

One of the most asked features by our non-English speakers is finally here: using our fancy tool (Localizor), you can now help us translate the game into different languages. There’s a new option in the options menu: “Language”! We still have a looong way to go before having the game fully translated, but some fellow players have already gone ahead and started translating in various languages.

You can suggest or vote for translations at We’ll really appreciate any help!


City taxis

Another widely asked feature: taxis! In New York! Yay! Just find a taxi, click it, and choose the building you want to travel to. Quicker, easier but a bit more expensive.


Improved lighting and time of day feeling

The natural lighting has been heavily improved, both in interior and exterior. New York has never been more beautiful!



External building details

The art team has been working hard (as always!) on new decorations for the buildings: scaffoldings, roof details, etc.


Reworked employee demands

As you may know, all the employees had the “free weekends” demand… And that was all. We’ve removed “exhaustion”, replaced it with “satisfaction”, and added several new demands making it harder than ever to keep your employees happy.


New furniture

Four new carpets are now available at Ika Bohag, and changing rooms for clothing stores can be bought at AJ Pederson & Son.



Neighborhood filter on Voogle Maps

Another requested feature: filters on Voogle Maps for the neighborhoods!


Character portraits

One of the tasks on our “to-do list” was adding character portraits that, in fact, represented the character that you were playing. It’s time to say goodbye to our old (young?), standard, handsome boy with a weird posture that was used on the placeholder portrait (on both save games list and in-game).


Other improvements

12 fixed issues since beta 2 🐛

147 feedback reports have been successfully handled, and 18 issues have also been fixed and shipped during Beta 2.

Get access now!

Beta 3 is available to all our gold and silver supporters. You can get access right now by buying the gold or silver version of Big Ambitions at

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All the best,
Jonas#1 & David#NaN

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