Beta 2 Release 06 May 2022

Beta 2 Release

It’s time! The biggest update of Big Ambitions (so big that we had to delay its release) is here. Are you ready to see the changes? Let’s go!

New neighborhood: Midtown

The map has been expanded! A third neighborhood has joined the game: Midtown. Fancy and with unique buildings, it’s really worth it to spend a couple of evenings (in-game, of course!) walking around there. Enjoy the awesome job the art team has done!


Market demands

Although visually is almost unnoticeable, this is a big change: the way customers look for products has been completely reworked. No more expensive jewelry stores generating several millions a day, sorry!

Products now have a demand value, which depends on the base price of the product and the amount of businesses selling it. This means that expensive stuff is harder to sell and that competition must be contemplated. We’ve also added new random events, like shortages and hypes for specific products, which can modify either the import price of the product or the demand value. Market Insider App has received an update to match the changes, don’t worry!


Auto parking on Luxurious Saloon

Parking can be tricky sometimes in Big Ambitions. But, for now on, if you’re rich enough to afford a Luxurious Saloon, you’ll be able to auto park it. Fast and easy!


New retail building

If one of your dreams in Big Ambitions is creating a big supermarket, then this is your moment! M1 building has been added to the game. With a surface of 1000m2, it can have up to 75 customers per hour.


New business type: Web Development Agency

There’s one new office business type: Web Development Agency. Set up some computers, add a bunch of programmers, and… Voila!


New main menu

As we get closer to the launch of Big Ambitions, we have to focus on things not directly related to gameplay. One of them is the main menu: it has been completely redesigned and improved with cool features such as the News and Updates panel! Also, saves are now splitted into characters.



Together with the rework of the main menu, we’ve enabled autosaving. It happens every in-game midnight, and will prevent the loss of progress in case of a crash or power failure. We store up to 3 recovery saves for each character, which can be loaded from the “load menu” by enabling “Show recover saves”.


Improved item overlays

More fancy stuff! Item overlays have received a redesign. They’re now hidden by default, and appear when hovering the mouse over the item itself. If an item is missing requirements or has low/empty stocks, an icon will appear and will always be visible.


Improved schedule

One of the most annoying things of setting up a large law firm was managing the employees. We’ve done some changes here and there, like removing the space between different workstations, adding the ability to move employees between workstations by dragging, adding a “Shared schedule” option and adding toggles to all days for changing the open state. The result is something more responsive and clean!


Improved cleaning

This improvement has been widely asked in the community, with different approaches. We’ve come to a solution that tries to meet all players’ demands: cleaning slots now depend on cleaning workstations instead of mops (yay, one new item!), customer service employees come with cleaning skills, aaand… You can freely choose when the cleaning happens throughout the day.


Improved customer capacity UI

It was a bit confusing how customer capacity was handled, so we have updated how that information is displayed.


Added sell buttons to items and vehicles

You can now sell any item/vehicle with a simple click! It will refund a 50% of the initial cost, but will let you get rid of old vehicles and furniture.


Building preview and more information on BizMan presentation

It’s important to know what you’re buying before actually buying it, so… We’ve added a preview button that will let you see the building itself, and customer capacity and traffic index are now displayed on the rent view in BizMan.



Desktop workstations set up

Some people have tried to set up their own desktop workstations by buying chairs, computers and desks, instead of buying the all-in-one desktop workstations. The thing is… That made more sense! So, desktop workstations are no longer available in stores, and both lawyers and programmers will need a workstation with a computer, a desk and a chair.


Other improvements

67 fixed issues since beta 1 🐛

Get access now!

Beta 2 is available to all our gold and silver supporters. You can get access right now by buying the gold or silver version of Big Ambitions at

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