Beta 1 Release 30 Mar 2022

Beta 1 Release

It’s the end of the month, and that means that is time for an update! After almost a year of alpha releases, we’re now moving the production phase from alpha to beta, releasing the first beta version of the game. Let’s see the new features!

New car controller & traffic improvements 📝

As promised, we’ve changed the car controller to a more responsive one. We’ve also added engine sounds for the different vehicles. And, with this upgrade, we took the opportunity to improve the traffic, removing almost all bottlenecks and making the AI drivers smoother.

Persona App

Time to update your phone! One more app is available on Big Ambitions, this time focusing on your character. There’s a lot to add to this app, but right now it has some basic information, plus a bunch of personal goals (similar to achievements) to complete!


Acquire competitor businesses

You can now buy competitor businesses. It’s expensive, but will let you get that perfectly located building that you wanted! When acquiring it, both the furniture and the stock from that business will remain.


New buildings

We have two brand new buildings available in the game: a large-sized residential apartment and a small office to build cozy headquarters and law firms.



Interior designer improvements

The art team has been working on new walls and floors, and we’ve added the possibility to change the colors of them, expanding the interior designer UI. With those additions, there are now available up to 24 floors and 38 walls. Will that be enough?


New furniture

This version comes with a bunch of new furniture that can be bought from Ika Bohag, like trash bins and product panels, that are smaller and cheaper alternative shelves for the cheap gifts. We’ve also added the option to place furniture on the walls, adding paintings of different sizes, clocks and TVs.


Other improvements

There are a lot of small quality of life improvements and additions. Some of them are:

26 fixed issues since alpha 10 🐛

Get access now!

Beta 1 is available to all our gold and silver supporters. You can get access right now by buying the gold or silver version of Big Ambitions at

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