Looking back at 10 days of alpha 5 09 Aug 2021

Hi friends,

it has been an exciting week after the release of alpha 5. We would like to thank all our gold supporters for playing this early development version and providing valuable feedback!

The Numbers 💯

Let’s get to some numbers: 190 gold supporters have already been playing Big Ambitions. We could welcome 136 of them on our community platform and got in-game feedback from 98 players.

The average playing time is 4 hours and 9 minutes, quite a bit more than we expected considering the current development progress.


Hunting bugs 🐞

Of course, all the new players lead to very busy days. Several bugs have been found already, some more serious than others, and the most important ones have already been addressed through updates. Having started with build 123 we’ve by now reached build 139.


Valuable feedback 💌

We’re now starting to address the issues you’ve reported – not just the bugs but also improvements based on your feedback. It’s important for us that new players find their way into and through the game hassle-free and are guided properly by Uncle Fred while still keeping the excitement of discovering a few things by themselves.

Community Manager 👨‍💼

Some of you might have noticed the name Gerwanese showing up on Github and Discord. His real name is Daniel and has been helping me handling testing and managing issues on GitHub.

Starting today, Daniel is now officially part of our team. He’ll be handling these devlogs, testing, managing issues, helping alpha testers and much more.

Me and the rest of the team are super happy to have Daniel onboard. Some of you might have noticed we already have one Daniel, which of course will make Daniel become Daniel #2. Not to be confused with Paul #2!

We hope you’ll all give Daniel a warm welcome 🙋‍♂️

Let the money flow 💰

Currently, Big Ambitions only allows you to start four types of businesses: Gift shops, supermarkets, fast food restaurants and clothing stores. For the start, this was pretty good but after a recent revenue balancing (allowing players to actually earn money from their shops) you will soon yearn for new sources of income.

The jewelry store will bring a bit of bling-bling into the streets of New York. It will be accompanied by another new business type we won’t reveal yet.

The next train is about to depart 🚇

A frequent request by our players was an easy way to get around without walking too far. What better could there be than the New York City Subway? Soon you will be able to get from A to B within no time! Please be aware however that carrying large boxes on subway trains is against the terms of transportation and will not be allowed.

Fill up those empty deserts 🏘️

The empty area around 2nd Avenue between 1st and 4th Street will be filled with placeholder buildings. The buildings won’t have any use yet but will help to set up the final numbers for all houses in these streets already, so the current house numbers will be changed.


Expand your business 📈

Our 3D artists were busy finishing new assets and we will soon add a pizza oven, hot dogs, burgers and french fries to your restaurants together with a modular kitchen where all of these can be prepared.

Gift shops will add expensive gifts to their product range and be allowed to place them on a decorative rounded shelf.

Your apartment on the other hand will get a proper king-sized bed for the successful young entrepreneur you are.

We hope to keep you busy with all these new options – please continue to leave feedback through the different channels and help us create the best Big Ambitions possible!

All the best,

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